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A host of colours: purple basil, red peppers, blue leeks… The exceptional beauty of the decorative kitchen garden is what […]. Mignonne allons voir si la rose… The rose is on highlight in the gardens of the priory that was home […]. Its arches gracefully straddle the Cher. The castle of Azay-le-Rideau, listed as a Unesco World Heritage site, offers the scenes of monumental restoration, where stonemasons, carpenters […]. Wellness break in the heart of Sancerre After a hard day of cycling, sit back and relax in the heart of Sancerre at Cep en Sancerrois.

This impressive manor house, with its beautifully calm environment, has 4 suites, including one family suite.

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Boost your skill and trail cred with Bikeperfect's roundup of the best mountain bike upgrades of the year. Cyclingnews The World Centre of Cycling. Latest News. Some examples of chemical asphyxiants are carbon monoxide and cyanide. Chemical asphyxiants act biochemically on the respiratory system. The toxicity of these compounds is not directly related to oxygen depletion.

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  • Consequently, much smaller concentrations of chemical asphyxiants are hazardous as compared to simple asphyxiants. Blood asphyxiants, one type of chemical asphyxiant, combine with the red blood cells and render them incapable of combining with oxygen and carrying oxygen to the cells in the body. Carbon monoxide, the most common blood asphyxiant, has a times greater affinity for oxy-hemoglobin than does oxygen.

    Other blood asphyxiants are aniline and nitrobenzene. Otros asfixiantes de la sangre son la anilina y el nitrobenceno. Slide title: Chemical Asphyxiants Cont. They render the cell incapable of accepting further oxygen from the red blood cells. This interface eliminates the demand for oxygen, causing suffocation and cell death. Respiratory paralyzers short-circuit the respiratory central nervous system. Hydrogen sulfide attacks the olfactory nerve and paralyzes the nerve that controls the breathing process. Other examples of respiratory paralyzers are carbon disulfide, acetylene, ethylene, and ethanol.

    Otros ejemplos de paralizadores respiratorios son bisulfuro de carbono, acetileno, etileno y etanol.

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    • Slide title: Corrosives Corrosivos Slide title: Corrosives produce a local effect or damage that occurs at the point of contact. Examples would be sulfuric acid or sodium hydroxide. Some corrosives, such as hydrocyanic acid hydrogen cyanide in water , are also systemic toxins whereby the effects are exerted away from the point of contact. More information on corrosives is present later in this section. Slide title: Irritants Irritantes Text: Irritants are toxins that cause temporary, but sometimes severe, inflammation of the eyes, skin, or respiratory tract.

      Examples of irritants are ammonia, hydrogen fluoride, chlorine, and hydrogen chloride. Irritants can also be corrosive materials that attack the mucous membrane surfaces of the body. The water solubility of these materials will affect where they impact the body. Highly water soluble irritants, such as the halogen acid gases, will readily dissolve in the first moisture they contact--the eyes, nose and throat. Moderately water soluble irritants are felt farther down the upper respiratory tract and the lungs.

      The halogen gases, ozone, phosphorus trichloride, and phosphorus pentachloride are some moderately water soluble irritants. Slightly water soluble irritants do not readily dissolve in water but actually bypass the moist areas, or mucous membranes that the first two groups attack. These materials exert their damage deeper in the lungs by destroying the alveoli, sometimes with delayed effects of up to 12 hours or longer. Nitrogen oxides can produce fatal effects, principally pulmonary edema, from 4 to 48 hours after exposure.

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      Examples are formaldehyde, mercury, nickel, and toluene diisocyanate. Carcinogens are substances that cause cancer. Over substances are known human carcinogens. Many other substances are under study as suspected carcinogens. Carcinogens differ somewhat from other toxins for two very important reasons. First, very small amounts of material can cause a carcinogenic effect.

      Second, the effects of exposure may not appear for years. Theoretically, one molecule can cause cancer called the one-molecule - one-hit theory although cancer is much more likely after substantial, repeated exposures. Whenever a known or suspected carcinogen is involved, responders must use the highest levels of appropriate protection. Examples of carcinogens are coal tar, asbestos, vinyl chloride, and benzene.


      These changes can be inherited by offspring. Changes in the genetic sequence can alter the genetic code. These genetic changes can have numerous effects including the failure of important biochemical processes.